Strengthen body and mind take advantage of Spring.


May is here, and spring is fully upon us.

As the weather warms up the world feels like it is coming back to life. We have all been shut in for so long, and not only is the weather improving, but hope is on the horizon that we will all be able to see each other again soon.

We here at Trees Indiana want to encourage you and your children to take advantage of this fine spring weather. The past winter has been truly difficult, especially for our kids, most of whom have had to take online school. As students struggle to focus on their work, grades are falling across America, 

Regular exposure to sunlight and fresh air has been proven time and time again to improve people’s health and wellbeing, as well as improve children’s development and capacity to learn and to focus.

Make sure your child is heading outside during the day, strengthening their body and mind. 

Hopefully, soon kids will be able to return to school safely, but until then we must do everything we can to help them succeed despite all obstacles.

If you are looking for a safe outdoor learning environment for you and your children, check out our outdoor Nature Explore Classroom, and email Carol Cavell at to book your learning session today!



In honor of Arbor Day, we are giving away one tree to every car that drives thru! We will be distributing 3-gallon containerized trees for you to take home and plant. Thanks to a collaboration with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation, we are giving away 200 trees each day – so get yours while supplies last!


WHEN: FRIDAY, APRIL 30 3:00PM – 6:00PM & SATURDAY, MAY 1 9:00AM – 12:00PM


Click here for instructions on planting your tree.


Step Into Wonderland


For many, getting up the courage to go out in the snow is a challenge. It’s cold, wet, and slick, so there is extra effort to go out safely. We must bundle up, get out our boots and gloves, but few words can describe the feeling of walking through a winter wonderland. 

Here in the midwest we only get snow for just a short piece of the year, and while it comes with it’s challenges, we encourage you and your children to take a moment, and enjoy this beautiful season.

There are few seasons so perfect for making such magical childhood memories. Stepping outside your door to stand in a snowfall, see children building snowmen, and throwing snowballs. It can be tempting to just let children sit inside, but nothing compares to the joyful memories children gain from time in the snow. 

So grab a sled, prepare the coco, find joy in snow-laced boots and happy smiles. Take a moment to let yourself enjoy the season for all it is, see your children grow strong and happy beneath a winter sky. 

Find joy in Wonderland.

Take A Breath



Throughout the last year it seems we have had to repeat that to ourselves over and over again. It feels like we have been cooped up so long inside and behind masks– necessary precautions, but stifling nonetheless. 

Fresh air is hugely important to our physical and mental health, doubly so for our children. Fresh air helps strengthen the immune system, helping prevent colds and headaches. Exposure to fresh air and sunlight helps our minds destress and reset. For children being outside also helps strengthen their self-discipline and ability to concentrate. 

That is why we are inviting you to take a moment to step out into nature, to take a moment to breathe. Away from people, we can safely slip our masks down and take in the cool wilderness around us. We can let our children run free, strengthening their bodies and minds, their lungs filled with fresh clean air.

Go ahead, take a moment. 

Just breathe.


Looking Back, Moving Forward.


2020 has been a long hard road for many, one that is not quite finished yet. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented serious challenges to each one of us. Even so, we have come so far, and the end is finally in sight. We here at Trees Indiana would like to take this moment to reflect and thank you all for your consistent support throughout 2020.

This year we are happy to say we were still able to hold our 7th annual Tree’s Trail Challenge safely, making use of technology to maintain social distancing. Thanks to all who were able to run with us – including several first-time participants!

We also wish to thank those who made use of our online sign up to visit our Nature Explore Classroom, exploring this nature rich space with your families. We hope to see you all again in the spring! 

We understand that maintaining connections to each other and the outdoors are more important than ever this year. We would like to thank everyone that made sure their children continued to get exercise and sunlight regularly. We applaud those who made both their physical and mental health a priority. 

We’ve learned a lot this year, finding creative new ways to carry out our mission. We’ll build upon and carry these lessons forward into 2021. Again, we thank you for your commitment and support to Trees Indiana. 

Holiday Greetings and yes, Happy New Year!

Comcast Cares Day



Where: AEP Foundation Nature Explore Classroom, 15011 Coldwater Road, Cedar Canyon Elementary

When: April 21st – 8:00 am – 12:30 pm (may register up to 9:00 am)


Grab your friends and family and come out to Comcast Cares Day! This event, started in 2001 by Comcast and participated in around the world, brings people together to give back to their respective communities. This year, Trees Indiana is excited to announce that our AEP Foundation Nature Explore Classroom will host a #ComcastCaresDay spring clean-up event in Fort Wayne.


Volunteering for this event has always been rewarding for those in the past who have participated—growing and communicating with other members of the community makes lasting memories. Families have a chance not only to give back to their community in a green and sustaining way, but the event promises a great space for families to simply enjoy nature together. Budding trees and freshly sprouted spring wildflowers of the Classroom are not to be missed!


At this year’s #ComcastCaresDay, volunteers can help spruce up the Nature Explore Classroom through planting trees, renewing mulch, pulling weeds, raking, and maintenance of activity areas. The Classroom provides needed environmental education to children in the Fort Wayne area while serving as a fun and exciting play area for them as well. So, by volunteering at this event, you can ensure this impacting legacy of the Classroom will continue to provide a clean and lasting natural space for the children of Fort Wayne. 


To volunteer for the event you can register online at or simply show up the day of the event. 


Sarah Senseny


A Global Giving Movement

#GivingTuesday November 28, 2017

#GivingTuesday follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s the official kick-off to the charitable season! With that being said, Trees Indiana would like to ask you to keep us in mind if you’re considering giving back this holiday season. Our fundraising goal is $3,000.

Why should you donate to Trees Indiana?

We are currently working on creating and developing curriculum materials and a training program for teachers in the surrounding areas, and your donations would directly aid this effort. The goal of these materials and training program is to get students back outside connecting with and learning from nature. This is vital. The sooner we get the children in our communities connecting with nature, the better the chances are of them being good stewards of our environment later in life.

Growing evidence shows a disconnect from nature has serious long-term consequences when it comes to health. Trees Indiana is the only organization in the state that focuses exclusively on educating our youth about urban forestry. The organization’s principles are simple:

  • Youth are more likely to become effective advocates for the environment if the outdoors has demonstrated value for them.

  • Healthy, working forests are vital for livable communities.

Through various methods, Trees Indiana provides effective hands-on programs to help children and students build awareness, develop responsibility, and cultivate leadership. When you donate to us, you’re contributing to a brighter future!

With the above in mind, on #GivingTuesday, Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will be matching up to $2 million of funds raised on Facebook for nonprofits, and Facebook is waving all fees for donations made on #GivingTuesday. Overall, we hope you will consider donating to Trees Indiana’s mission this holiday season.

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Author:  Shelby Cook