Strengthen body and mind take advantage of Spring.


May is here, and spring is fully upon us.

As the weather warms up the world feels like it is coming back to life. We have all been shut in for so long, and not only is the weather improving, but hope is on the horizon that we will all be able to see each other again soon.

We here at Trees Indiana want to encourage you and your children to take advantage of this fine spring weather. The past winter has been truly difficult, especially for our kids, most of whom have had to take online school. As students struggle to focus on their work, grades are falling across America, 

Regular exposure to sunlight and fresh air has been proven time and time again to improve people’s health and wellbeing, as well as improve children’s development and capacity to learn and to focus.

Make sure your child is heading outside during the day, strengthening their body and mind. 

Hopefully, soon kids will be able to return to school safely, but until then we must do everything we can to help them succeed despite all obstacles.

If you are looking for a safe outdoor learning environment for you and your children, check out our outdoor Nature Explore Classroom, and email Carol Cavell at to book your learning session today!