Thanksgiving Activities – outdoors!

Looking for family fun this fall? Ways to bring you all together without risking the pandemic? Well, do we have some ideas for you! Check out this fun list of 10 great activities you and your children can do in the comfort of your own backyard! 

  1. Build a bonfire. 

Now is the perfect time to get the family around a campfire. Whether in your backyard, or renting a fire pit at a local campsite, everyone gains fond memories roasting marshmallows and telling stories around a campfire!

2. Autumn leaves. 

Do you know two things that are beautiful? Fall leaves and fond memories. We are living through a memorable time, why not try to preserve some good memories? You can collect brilliantly colored leaves with your kids and preserve them in wax paper to keep and remember all the good and beautiful things in this world. See how her

3. Feed the birds. 

Birds are beautiful creatures, whether you are scattering seeds on the ground, or building a bird feeder, being kind to wildlife brings joy to kids of all ages. 

4. Read ghost stories by the fire. 

Everyone loves a good story, scary or not, now is the perfect time to huddle up together and share some good old fashion thrills. 

5. Jump in a pile of leaves.

Why not? It’s fun, it’s great, and it costs nothing! -Just be sure to clean yourself after.

6. Throw a scavenger hunt

This one is fun for the whole family. It can be done inside, outside, or both; and be as simple or as complicated as you want! More complicated for older children looking for a challenge, or just simple fun for younger kids.

7. Decorate your porch!

Just because we might not have family over this holiday season doesn’t mean we can’t outwardly celebrate them! Get together with your kids and make some fun DIY decorations to make this holiday season super special! 

8. Camping

Backyard camping is a joy! Make your backyard the site of an adventure. Set up tents, build a small fire, huddle close and tell spooky stories. It also has the added bonus of being right at home, so smaller kids can go back to their own beds if the weather is too cold for them. 

9. Have a Pre-Thanksgiving Picnic

Picnics in summer are great, but there’s something about having one in fall that is underestimated. Gather up some yummy seasonal treats, like apple cider, hot chocolate, jams, pumpkin pie, trail mix, and ham, curl up in some warm blankets and enjoy.

10. Stargazing

Do you know what constellations are up right now? Ever seen a planet with your naked eye? The clear autumn night sky is the perfect place to start learning and teaching your children how to identify planets and stars. See what planets are up tonight here: and for a full list of constellations and celestial bodies visible this November: 

Have a great Fall out there! Stay safe, stay healthy, get as much sunshine as you can!