Take A Breath



Throughout the last year it seems we have had to repeat that to ourselves over and over again. It feels like we have been cooped up so long inside and behind masks– necessary precautions, but stifling nonetheless. 

Fresh air is hugely important to our physical and mental health, doubly so for our children. Fresh air helps strengthen the immune system, helping prevent colds and headaches. Exposure to fresh air and sunlight helps our minds destress and reset. For children being outside also helps strengthen their self-discipline and ability to concentrate. 

That is why we are inviting you to take a moment to step out into nature, to take a moment to breathe. Away from people, we can safely slip our masks down and take in the cool wilderness around us. We can let our children run free, strengthening their bodies and minds, their lungs filled with fresh clean air.

Go ahead, take a moment. 

Just breathe.