5 Things to do Outside Today + a Challenge!

By: Shelby Cook

The Indiana Children and Nature Network is challenging kids to play for 30 minutes outside per day. There are various benefits to accepting this challenge. For instance, according to their website, outdoor play helps relieve stress, build social and teamwork skills, and allows families to connect and learn together. Sounds good, right? So, here are five ways to spend 30 minutes outside today:

  1. Have a Picnic

Eat lunch in the backyard or head to your local park. Either way, the cleanup will be minimal, which is certainly a plus.

  1. Garden

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s A-OK! We’ve got you covered. Take a look at these 13 Easy- to-Grow Vegetables. Have each child choose a plant, and make it their responsibility for the season. This is a great way to knockout 30 minutes of outdoor time each day.

Additionally, sunflowers are fun and simple. You could turn this into a competition to see who can grow their flower the tallest.

  1. Visit a U-pick Farm

If you’re local to Fort Wayne and the surrounding area, then be sure to check out Tanglewood Berry Farm on Covington Rd. Now through September, have fun picking a variety of USDA Certified Organic berries.

Also, kids will love the roaming animals! The farm has miniature goats, peacocks, guinea hens, chickens, and dogs.

  1. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are especially great when it comes to fostering teamwork. Here are some ideas to get started! Hand each kid a bag and a list of items, and let them explore.

  1. Stargaze

The ideas above all take place during the day, so here’s a nighttime activity. Fill a blowup pool full of pillows and blankets, cuddle up, and enjoy the night sky. Discuss the different constellations, the moon’s cycle, and look for shooting stars to wish on!

Finally, click here to join the challenge, and share the fun on social media using the hashtags #ICANPlay30! And #TreesIndiana.

About Shelby Cook

Shelby currently studies Public Relations at the University of Saint Francis. She has called Fort Wayne home her entire life (save for a quick stint in Kansas City, Missouri). She is passionate about health, the environment, and how the two interconnect. She wants to inspire everyone to get outside, and discover all that Fort Wayne has to offer!

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