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Youth for trees. Trees for life.

Who will become the stewards of our environment?

At Trees Indiana, we are passionate about young people from all walks of life being able to experience that magical "sense of wonder" moment, sparking a special connection to nature. Reconnecting with nature and disconnecting from a constant virtual indoor reality is taking hold around the country.

Growing evidence shows that this disconnect from nature has serious long-term implications for the health and well-being of our children. Founded in 2006, Trees Indiana remains the only organization in Indiana that focuses solely on urban forestry youth education. Our basic tenants are very simple:

  • Youth are more likely to become effective advocates for the environment if the outdoors has demonstrated value for them.
  • Healthy, working forests are vital for livable communities.

Through both formal and informal methods, Trees Indiana provides effective hands-on programs that use the natural environment as a "window on the world." Our programs build awareness, develop responsibility, and cultivate leadership in urban youth. To date, over 5,000 youth have participated, planting and maintaining nearly 800 trees.


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October 2, 2016
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